We are the authorized Webasto sunroof installer here in Oklahoma. Webasto is a manufacturer of OEM sunroofs that come factory in vehicles, so you can trust that our quality is second to none. In fact, most of the parts in our aftermarket sunroofs are identical to those in a factory sunroof. Our sunroofs have drain tubes just like the factory sunroofs to ensure that you have no leaking into the vehicle. We even offer a 3 year / 36k warranty included with our installation.

Webasto 700 Series – In-built Style:
(Shown below: The 700 Entry and 700 Comfort look identical, the Comfort Series includes a 1-touch open/close button for easier operation. It also has auto-close, meaning the sunroof closes automatically when you turn off the vehicle. The glass slides into the vehicle hidden above the headliner.)

Webasto 300 Series – Spoiler Style:
(Shown below: The Webasto 300 series is a spoiler style sunroof, meaning the glass tilts up and then slides back over the top of the vehicle’s roof.)